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Our mission is to add value to your business and contribute to your success. 

Accession Plus provides clients with the specialized accounting support and services they need, allowing them to focus on their businesses and personal lives.


Your Trusted Accountants

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in West London, established by its Senior Principal partner, Sarbjit S Chauhan. Sarbjit has held various senior finance roles across a number of business environments, from Early Stage Start-Ups to Companies Listed on the Stock Market. 

Sarbjit is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). In addition, he is a member of various technical faculties of the Institute, Taxation, Business and Management, Financial Reporting and Tech. 

Accession Plus have worked experience of working in the We are equipped to handle all of your accounting needs, no matter how complex. 

Whether you require assistance at the corporate or personal level, we are ready to serve as your tax planners and accounting advisors.

Business Sectors that we have experience of working in are:

Payment Processing

Film Production and Royalty Reporting

Fitness and Healthcare

Fashion and Design

Jewellery Manufacturing

Saas and E-Commerce

Luxury Travel 


 If you run a small business, you’ll know that it’s vital to keep track of your Income and expenses, but you will also need to ensure that you have set the correct amount of money aside to meet your tax liability on any profits you have made, and keep track of any Vat or Payroll liabilities that you have. On top of this, you will need to make sure that you file your accounts on time to avoid penalties.

Managing these areas whilst trying to run your business can be extremely time-consuming. We can assist by either taking over the whole or part of the processes or you or simply want some advice to of these accounting process from you, so you can focus on growing your small business.


Business planning is essential to any enterprise no matter what size and how long it has been established.

The business plan is a written document that describes the business, its objectives, its strategies, the market it is in, and its financial forecasts. It has many functions, from securing external funding to measuring success within your business. 

Accession Plus not only prepare business plans, but we understand them and our clients’ aspirations. We can also help clients in delivering their plans to potential investors and partners. 


Limited companies need to file annual accounts with Government Authorities. 

To avoid fines and penalties, you need to file your limited company accounts with Companies House nine months after the year-end, and tax on your company’s profits is due each year: nine months and one day after the year-end.

You also need to file a Corporation Tax Return with HMRC within 12 months of the year-end. We can assist and make the necessary filings and determine the Tax that you need to pay.


The company secretarial function for any business is often seen as an arduous task normally overseen by a family member or senior employee as Company Secretary.

This can be met with issues as the designated Company Secretary may not have a full understanding of the duties they are required to undertake.

With our in-house expertise, we can ensure that statuary deadlines are met; we will handle all your statutory obligations including the filing of accounts, annual returns as well as changes of directors and secretaries. 

As part of the service, manage all the paperwork required for the payment of dividends and dealing with share transfers.

Our full company secretarial services include:

• Company formations

• Preparation and electronic filing of statutory returns

• Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions

• Maintenance and storage of statutory books.


We understand that sometimes entrepreneurs would rather focus on managing their business and not have to worry about recording transactions in some software or simply collating them into folders. 

That’s where our bookkeeping service comes in.

We can handle all of the bookkeeping for your business and record this in some accounting software for you on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Having access to accurate and meaningful management accounts can help you to make the correct strategic decisions for the future of your company. These are also an essential document should you require financial support from a Bank.

We can provide a management account services in-house or onsite on a monthly or quarterly basis, offering you the latest financial analysis of your business exactly when you need it. 

These services include; profit and loss reports, cash flow forecasts, detailed breakdowns of creditors and debtors and end of year accounts, helping you to identify and act on financial trends.


Value Added Tax (VAT) can be quite complex, and our aim is to make as simple as possible for you to handle and understand.  

The government’s introduction of “Making Tax Digital” for Vat means all companies need to use MTD compatible software to keep records of each individual transaction (not summaries) and file their VAT returns digitally.

 HMRC plans to extend MTD for Income Tax and Corporation Tax from April 2020. 

Our efficient and cost-effective VAT service includes:

• Assistance with VAT registration

• Advice on VAT planning and administration

• VAT control and reconciliation

• Help with completing VAT returns


The task of payroll processing can often divert you from your core business activity. It is our job to help and take the worry and time out of this process for you.

By allowing us to look after your payroll activity, we will free up more time for your staff to attend other business areas, therefore creating more opportunities and raising efficiency in the business.

Our payroll services are thorough and, of course, compliant with HM Revenue & Customs statutory requirements. 

We can deal with every aspect of UK wages and salary requirements including:

• Setting up a new payroll system

• Day to day payroll processing

• Dealing with PAYE and National Insurance deductions

• Completing your end of year returns

• Holiday pay

• Statutory pay

• Stakeholder and auto-enrolment pension schemes


Traditional desktop software means that your data lives on your computer or laptop. This means it’s only available at limited times and on limited devices – and often to a limited number of people. 

In contrast, a modern cloud accounting system provides a number of benefits including:

• Gives you 24/7 access to up-to-date financial information and reports. You can use cloud-based software from any device with an internet connection.

• It saves you a significant amount of time once set up.

• Your sensitive financial data is always secure and backed up automatically.

• No system downtime because all software upgrades are automatically installed. This worry-free maintenance saves you time and hassle.

• The data is up-to-date so your accountant can advise in real-time, rather than on last year’s figures.

Cloud software is the future of accounting. However, like other forms of accounting systems, it will take time to get your accounts set-up, which can be a hassle.

Accession are certified advisors for Xero, Quickbook and Freeagent advisors, with experience of other cloud-based packages like Wave, Paddle

This enables us to offer you a range of solutions and support packages to suit your budget.

personal tax preparation

With the tax regime becoming more complex, and more focus being put on taxpayers’ individual responsibilities.

Everyone who is subject to taxation needs professional advice and support if they are to optimise their tax position and ensure they meet all the compliance requirements.

We can provide you with year-round tax advice on:

• Income Tax

• Capital Gains Tax

• Inheritance Tax

• Non-domiciliary Tax Issue

The constant flow of changes to tax legislation means not only that the returns are becoming even more difficult to understand but also that taxpayers risk incurring more penalties through failing to complete their returns on time or correctly.

We can save you a lot of time, worry, and money by handling your self-assessment tax return for you. 

We will do all the necessary computations, complete your return, and even offer advice on how you can minimise your tax liability.


Contact us to see how our accounting expertise and personalized services can save you time, money, and frustration with managing your finances.

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